Aviatos & partners Aviatos & partners Bridge Consulting Group, together with Aviatos, has set up the program for the advice that is taking place focuses in particular on the development of the strategic financial policy within an organization... References Metal Radar Metal Radar For Metal Radar, a transfer pricing model has been worked out for the company's international market expansion. Metal Radar has developed a digital tool to keep up to date with the developments... References Nazca IT Nazca IT Nazca IT: a company in IT and soil analysis with many ICT development projects. The company has been channeled in the area of ​​subsidy opportunities and innovation processes. References Myler Media Myler Media Translate your business requirements into the perfect app? This requires specialists: technicians with an eye for practice and creatives with a passion for technology. References Eurema Eurema Eurema - a metal recycling company specialized in the recycling of waste. Bridge Consulting Group has supported in the strategy and structure in setting up the company with the vision... References Instituut Thomas Instituut Thomas For several generations, Bridge Consulting Group supported Instituut Thomas in the background with
strategic financial advice.

Bridge Consulting Group

Bridge Consulting Group is a distinctive consultancy firm with professionals at home and abroad. Bridge Consulting Group supports and advises its clients in all disciplines. Innovation management en Sustainability are important pilars of our organization.

Our customers are in all possible sectors. We mainly advise small and medium-sized enterprises.

Bridge Consulting Group has a well-balanced mix of in-house specialists: from tax consultants to accountants, from business experts to economists and lawyers. The strength of Bridge Consulting Group lies in the combination of these different disciplines: the bridges we build between the pillars of your organization. By looking at your organization as a whole, instead of going to each and every piece separately, we can offer you structural solutions.

Personal and dynamic

Bridge Consulting Group distinguishes itself from its competitors in several disciplines. This way we have a special vision at the work we do. The way we deal with our customers also characterizes our services.

Personal attention, promising agreements and a pleasant working atmosphere are our keywords. Our organization also understands the dynamics of small and medium-sized enterprises. Speed ​​and flexibility are therefore important concepts in our service.

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