Lights Division Swedish Match Acquires Fire-Up International.


We are pleased to announce that Fire-Up International has recently been acquired by the Lights Division of Swedish Match. Swedish Match is a leading manufacturer and distributor of matches an lighters with a strong brand portfolio around the world.

Swedish Match wants to increase its presence in the growing category of fire products (products for lighting stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, etc.). This has been a priority goal for Swedish Match’s Lights Division in recent years. With the acquisition of Fire-Up International, a big step forward has been taken.

The Swedish Match Lights Division with a portfolio of internally produced, top-quality products, now includes the full range – matches, lighters and fire starters.

“We are very happy for Fire-Up International to take the next step together with Swedish Match. Combining the high-quality and sustainable products of Fire-Up with the commercial resources and strong brands of Swedish Match will really be a” perfect match “.

Thus Hakan CEO of Lights Division,

Together with Bridge Consulting Group under the supervision of Mr. Paul Smeets, Fire-Up has been built up from scratch. After leading the company for 13 years, the owner Mr. van Opstal asked Bridge Consulting Group to support him in selling his company.

Bridge Consulting Group brought Fire Up together with the interesting party Swedisch Match, for this succesful acquisition.


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