Throne Speech 2017

18-09-2017 - Bridge Consulting

The Dutch economy benefits from the improved economic climate in Europe and beyond. On the other hand, the Netherlands, as an open economy, runs relatively larger risks if the economic tide in Europe or beyond is reversed. The Brexit, the uncertain economic direction of the United States and (geo) political tensions in other continents can have a negative effect on the growth of the Dutch economy.

In order not to have to cut costs directly in periods of new economic setbacks and to be able to respond faster to a crisis in the future, it is important that - now that it is economically sound - the debt is further reduced. This creates room for temporary setbacks in the event of a setback in the future and for the debt to rise, so that painful cuts are less necessary.

Minister Dijsselbloem: "We want the debt to go further down. At the same time, we find some expenditures so important that we deduct extra money for them. For example, next year extra money will be spent on purchasing power, so that benefit recipients and pensioners can also benefit from economic growth. '

Extra spending 2018

  • The government is releasing € 425 million to improve the purchasing power of vulnerable groups. As a result, in addition to working people, most people with benefits and pensioners are making progress.
  • As previously announced, € 435 million extra will go to the quality of nursing home care. These investments amount to structurally more than € 2 billion.
  • The government is investing € 270 million extra in the improvement of and new agreements on the employment conditions for primary education. This will be added to the budget for 2018 via an amendment letter. In addition, an extra € 223 million is earmarked for the higher number of pupils and students.
  • Additional resources will be provided for digital security and the approach to terrorism. The government is investing € 116 million extra in the security of the Netherlands. Of this, € 30 million is available for taking away criminal property.
  • The Cabinet will reserve an additional € 75 million for the coming years in order to guarantee the continuity of the Tax and Customs Administration if necessary.
  • In order to improve the supervision by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), an additional € 25 million is reserved.