Sustainable Employability

09-01-2018 - Bridge Consulting

Bridge Consulting Group has chosen to work on a project with regard to sustainable employability for our staff. With this we have in mind that we keep people longer and more productive at work and to deal with age-conscious personnel policy. We would like to anticipate individual ambitions and development opportunities for our staff, in which a healthier lifestyle by stimulating, among other things, less work stress and a pleasant working atmosphere are of great importance.

It appears that changing aspects of the organizational culture and working methods are more effective in preventing burn-out than measures at individual level. In some cases, organizational interventions have more effect than individual approaches.

The following organizational aspects are discussed in the research:

  • Autonomy at work
  • Job security
  • Involvement of staff
  • Culture of participation, equality and justice
  • Possibilities for flexible working
  • Strengthening the role of line managers

In a situation where employees have co-determination and regard the environment as safe and non-threatening, the chance of stress is many times smaller.

The new generations of employees make different demands on their employer. Conversely, organizations impose different demands on their employees. In fact, the psychological contract changes between employer and employee. By using new technologies and digitization we can also anticipate the need for flexible working of our employees.


In addition, we try to follow a number of tips to keep good employees in house:

  1. Keep to promises and agreements made during the recruitment procedure and organize a good entrance and a pleasant working atmosphere for new employees.
  2. Show business and personal interest in the employee and ask him what motivates him or her. Do this regularly, because lives (situations) change and with that also someone's motives.
  3. Provide sufficient development and career opportunities. It works best to increase the involvement of employees.
  4. Also provide alternate work. When employees assess their work in terms of content, it usually concerns: a stimulating work environment, nice colleagues and, of course, varied work.
  5. Giving a compliment on a regular basis costs nothing and delivers a lot. Give people the appreciation that deserves, not only in the form of bonuses or promotion, but also with compliments about delivered work.