A metal recycling company specialized in the recycling of waste. Bridge Consulting Group has supported in the strategy and structure in setting up the company with the vision to expand and grow by anticipating market developments.

Metal Radar

For Metal Radar, a transfer pricing model has been worked out for the company’s international market expansion. Metal Radar has developed a digital tool to keep up to date with the developments in the metal recycling industry to analyze and follow it. Here too Bridge Consulting Group contributed to the development of this app.

US Clients

Internationally classified advertising company. Bridge Consulting BV contributes to advice for the international development of the company.

Nazca IT

Nazca IT: a company in IT with many ICT development projects. The company has been channeled in the area of ​​subsidy opportunities and innovation processes. Subsidy projects have been realized for project development and research and development. In addition, there are annual tax benefits thanks to the innovation box. The task of Bridge Consulting Group is to submit and apply for this subsidy for its client.


Axez Data Availability is HPE only and that has always been a strong asset. HPE bases its cooperation on this and customers choose this. Bridge Consulting Group has a support function in advice on developments in the market, where possible synergies and savings are examined. Axez provides data and application availability in the world of digital information. Axez has the expertise and solutions for the transformation of your organization.


Bridge Consulting Group, together with Aviatos, has set up the program for the advice that is taking place focuses in particular on the development of the strategic financial policy within an organization in the longer term.

Instituut Thomas

Several generations supported Bridge Consulting Group, institute Thomas in the background strategic financial advice. The Thomas Institute is an international training institute that responds to a greater need for entrepreneurial professionals in society. Professionals who can distinguish themselves through their broad education and development, who quickly respond to changes and innovations in society.

You preferably develop the required knowledge and skills under good supervision. Institute Thomas offers this guidance. The program gives you the opportunity to develop essential competencies. In the course you become acquainted with external care and you are supported by enterprising professionals who teach you the profession.

Myler Media

Translate your business requirements into the perfect app? This requires specialists: technicians with an eye for practice and creatives with a passion for technology. Whether it is a calculation app, a sales app for business, sports app, game for consumers or a communication platform, our professionals know what is required. For iOS, Android and Windows. At Myler Media they know what is going on in the world of native app development. Bridge Consulting Group has an advisory role in the administration of Myler media.

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