Corporate Finance

The power of successful financial management

Successful financial decisions contribute to more continuity and profitability of the organization. With almost every organization, Bridge Consulting Group sees opportunities for improvement in the area of ​​financial management. We advise your organization by means of well-thought-out management advice, which actually helps you grow.

Bundled forces

The strength of Bridge Consulting Group is that we assist you with joined forces: our specialists in legal, tax, economic and commercial areas, for example, build a bridge between these different disciplines and view your organizations bigger picture. Moreover, we have an extensive international network of professionals, so that we can offer you a multi disciplined solution for every issue.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The power of taking the right steps at the right time

In a merger, takeover or succession within your organization, everything is about taking the right steps at the right time. Bridge Consulting Group is happy to be of service with thorough and smart advice. From valuating your company to defining a takeover strategy, we will guide you in the entire acquisition or sales process.

Accurate and personal

Bridge Consulting Group is also specialized in tax related issues in mergers and acquisitions. Step by step we make an inventory of the tax-related aspects that are important to you during your merger or acquisition, where you can always count on expert advice. Personal attention, flexibility, accuracy and high quality of our services are central here.

Tax Advice

The power of tax advice

When will it be fiscally attractive to start a BV instead of a sole proprietorship? What tax rules do I have to deal with if I want to establish my company abroad? How does a tax policy lead to a higher value of my company? Every company has to deal with taxes, but the matter is often complicated and the laws and regulations in this area are constantly changing. Bridge Consulting Group has a lot of knowledge in the field of domestic and foreign tax regulations.

Our tax experts are constantly up-to-date with the most recent state of affairs, identify changes in legislation and regulations and identify for you the extent to which these affect your business operations. This also includes our strength: we offer you well-thought-out tax advice by connecting it to other disciplines within your organization.

Innovation Management

Many organizations are currently looking at opportunities to innovate to ensure continuity. This requires a clear vision of the future, but also the flexibility to take steps today. We help you make the choices that are needed now and then implement the transformations that are carried by all your stakeholders.


The power of opening the right doors

Obtaining subsidies means building bridges between your projects and the subsidy possibilities of the government. Bridge Consulting Group guides your organization during that process. Whether it concerns mapping the many national and international possibilities, going through the right procedures or drawing up subsidy applications: we take all your worries off your hands.

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