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Bridge Consulting Group

The power of successful financial management

Successful financial decisions contribute to more continuity and profitability of the organization. With almost every organization, Bridge sees opportunities for improvement in the area of ​​financial management. We advise your organization by means of well-thought-out management advice, which actually helps you grow.

The strength of Bridge Consulting Group is that we assist you with joined forces: our specialists in legal, tax, economic and commercial areas, for example, build a bridge between these different disciplines and view your organizations bigger picture. Moreover, we have an extensive international network of professionals, so that we can offer you a multi-disciplined solution for every issue.

From valuation to merger and acquisition

Bridge Consulting Group is happy to be of service with a very complete package of services in the field of (financial) management.

Advice on capital structuring and financing

Which options of financing fit your business and how do you successfully address funding sources? We are happy to assist you with questions concerning equity and external corporate finance.

Market research

Among other things, we offer research into the feasibility of new products or services and reporting of opportunities and trends in the market.

Valuation of companies

Especially in mergers and acquisitions, but also in other crucial business processes, it is important to carefully assess the value of your company.

Bridge Consulting Group
Bridge Consulting Group

Due diligence investigations and process support

Transaction structures, legal/fiscal optimizations, risk assessments, validation of financial reports and more. Bridge Consulting Group offers you a wide range of services in the area of ​​due diligence investigations and support for mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic value analysis

We carefully identify the opportunities and threats that play a role in increasing the value of your company for shareholders.

Strategic business planning

Bridge Consulting Group has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of strategic business planning and can help you grow.

Planning business succession

Bridge Consulting Group offers you advice during the entire process of transfer of ownership: from design to implementation.

Advice on the transfer of ownership to your employees

Bridge Consulting Group assists you, among other things, with the supervision of the entire process with 'share ownership' plans.

Bridge Consulting Group

Mergers and Acquisitions

Bridge Consulting Group is happy to assist you with careful advice. From valuing your company to defining a...

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Bridge Consulting Group

Tax Advice

We offer you well thought-out tax advice by connecting it to other disciplines within your organization.

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Bridge Consulting Group

Corporate Finance

We advise your organization by means of well-thought-out management advice, which actually helps you further.

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