Business facilitating

Bridge Consulting Group offers (international) companies the opportunity to establish themselves in the Netherlands and to make use of the expertise that we offer. With our expertise, (international) companies are able to make well-informed assessments.

  • Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation in the field of international tax, financial and legal advice
  • We stand for an international ‘hands-on’ approach to exporting and international expansion processes.
  • Our fees are usually recouped through more effective implementation and secondly, costs afterwards due to many fiscal and legal pitfalls are prevented.
  • Your organization will outperform by realizing well-prepared and ‘knowledgeable’ international expansion.
  • Export plans and international activities are tested by us for fiscal, financial and legal feasibility.

Our services

  • Business development
  • Facilitator – from business plan to full-fledged company
  • Innovative start-up guidance
  • Legal services
  • Marketing research
  • Registration of new companies
  • Transfer pricing
  • Logistics
  • Information about international trade, import and export of goods and services.
  • Due diligence, valuation and exit strategies.
  • Training and coaching
  • System development and digitization

In the field of innovation, Bridge Consulting Group likes to do business with companies in top sectors. Our widely employable team has experience in many of these sectors, including;

  • Energy – renewable solar energy and sustainability projects
  • Creative Industry – educational innovation and innovation
  • Logistics – supply chain management
  • Life Sciences & Health – coaching and well-being
  • High-tech Systems & Materials – digitization and optimization of work systems
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